We seek to ensure our environmental, economic and social impact is considered in every aspect of our business. We aim to fulfil the target of ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs’.

Our Social Commitments

Social Responsibility

We actively seek local sponsorships and partnerships to support the communities we operate within.

We dedicate 6 service hours per week towards supporting local community projects and initiatives such as the chatty café scheme and parents and tots groups

Workplace Initiatives

We have taken steps to limit our carbon footprint through the installation of vehicle electric charging points for customers and employees, the encouragement of a cycle to work scheme and carpooling initiatives.

Employee Wellbeing

We are an equal opportunities employer that values diversity, equality and inclusion. We are committed to creating a balanced and safe working environment free from harassment and bullying, in which every member of our team is treated with respect and dignity. By nurturing personal development and recognising talent, we aim to encourage everyone within our business to reach their full potential.

  • Employee Assistance Programme (Simply Health)
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing support
  • Mental health first aiders
  • AIG Death in Service Cover
  • Aviva Pension scheme
  • Regular employee well-being checks
  • Well-being surveys
  • Progression opportunities
  • Competitive rate of pay
  • Focus on staff development and training
  • Recognition awards
  • Christmas bank holiday enhancements
  • Open door policy

Our Environmental Commitments

Reduced Waste

  • We invest in high quality equipment with a longer life span than cheaper alternatives, reducing waste and the need for replacement.
  • We have successfully implemented plastic recycling facilities across all of our services.
  • We have cut down on single use plastic consumption and waste, with a target to eliminate all single-use plastic by 2030.
  • We have successfully implemented digital solutions with a target to reduce paper waste by 50% by 2027.
  • Our outdoor garden furniture is made from 100% recycled materials, saving thousands of plastic bottles from entering the oceans.
  • We have incorporated electric vehicles into our maintenance fleet, with a target of having a fully electric fleet by 2030.

Efficient Buildings

  • All of our buildings use automatic LED lighting to reduce emissions and make us more energy efficient.
  • Our buildings are equipped with double glazed windows, insulated walls and ceilings and energy efficiency systems (BMS), with a target to install solar panels by 2025
  • We have taken steps to reduce our energy consumption by a minimum of 10% by 2025.
  • We work together with our resident community and employees to reduce the frequency of preventable property damage, thereby reducing waste and the need for unnecessary resources.

Our Financial Commitments

Financial Viability

Our culture promotes an environment where everyone works together and contributes to the success of the organisation, working to make a fair profit, effectively managing resources and treating all company assets as our own, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiencies.


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