Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Our aim is always to be the recognised first choice provider of quality services for service users in the region by providing them with the highest possible standard of care in a friendly, homely and supportive environment

Our 5 Year Strategy has been developed, after extensive research and consideration of our current processes and procedures, to identify the key areas we will be focusing on over the next 5 years to work towards achieving this aim.

These areas are outlined as our Key Commitments.

Financial Viability

“We will ensure the business remains viable by charging a fair cost for our services, deploying resources efficiently, and working together to protect and maintain our properties and equipment”

Competitive Advantage

“We will continue to place our service users at the centre of their service by ensuring we have the skills, knowledge, business processes, and high quality environments to meet their needs”

Motivated Workforce

“Our people are the cornerstone to our success and we aim to attract and retain the best people by creating a culture that treats all individuals equally, recognises and supports the individual, and rewards commitment, performance, and contribution”


Sustainability:Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs

We will maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour, professional conduct, transparency and openness and promote a culture that fosters a sense of mutual accountability across the organisation.

Continual Learning

“We will develop our services by learning from the past, utilising our strengths, and recognising and developing our weaknesses”


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