Mar 22 2015

Fernlea Enjoying the Eclipse


The rare occurrence of the moon moving in front of the sun is one not to be missed. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon orbits directly between the sun and the earth casting a shadow on certain areas as it blocks the sun’s rays. The last substantial solar eclipse the UK experienced was in 1999 and the next predicted eclipse is not until 2026. Making the event even more special to witness. The solar eclipse that occurred on Friday 20th March 2015 was a wonderful experience for all of the UK as we saw a substantial percentage of the sun being hidden by the moon.

At Fernlea our excitement was brimming as we waited for this rare event to occur. Our activities co-ordinator, Vanessa, arrived early to set up Fernlea before the event took place. Residents, staff and visitors thoroughly enjoyed the anticipation as we watched the eclipse slowly start to take place, looking through balloons to prevent any damage to our eyes. The eclipse was truly amazing and captivating, a wonderful experience for all.


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